How it will work

Citizen Direct plans to create an¬†inclusive,¬†deliberative and direct democracy within Australia’s existing constitutional framework. It is a political party that will field candidates for the Federal House of Representatives and Senate, but those representatives will be obliged simply to implement the policies determined by the party’s mechanisms defined here.

Inclusive – The party does not dictate a particular ideology or align itself with a particular segment of the population. All Australian citizens are encouraged to join and participate. The only stipulation is that you are not a member of another political party and you have a good faith commitment to rationally consider ideas that will further the interests of Australians and support our most basic common values.

Deliberative – Proposed policies are referred to a citizen’s jury, a randomly selected representative sample of members. With the help of a neutral facilitator, they will discuss it with each other, the author and relevant experts. Throughout this time, any member can make a submission to the jury, but the obligation to become informed and make the decision is theirs alone. A strong majority of the group (16 out of 20 for example) must ultimately agree with the final policy draft for it to be endorsed. The endorsed policy will then be subject to an online vote by all members and will become binding party policy unless a majority of members veto it.

Direct – There are no elected representative layers that concentrate power in the policy determination process – you directly determine policy instead of electing rulers who determine policy for you. Any member can put forward a policy proposal; any member can be drawn for participation in a citizen’s jury; all members can vote to directly veto individual policies. Policy creation and change are not bound by electoral cycles and elected representatives in parliament are bound to pursue them throughout their term.